Dear Ruchi , ” I will never be able to express to you how important you and your healing skills have been to me over the past two years. You have helped to keep me sane through some really difficult self-healing and some very hard times in my life. Thank you with all my heart. ” Now I know I will not only survive but be stronger, more aware and more at peace. Yoga will be a part of my life always. You had a unique way of teaching us, whether it was Asanas, pranayam, chair yoga, rope yoga etc. You made yoga interesting to me and i would look forward to attending your class every single day. It was such a pleasure to come to your class- your wonderful smiling face, your infectious enthusiasm and smile and your calm and soothing voice which encouraged us to explore new realms and possibilites. Thank you for your teaching, your knowlegde is vast and deep.You connect with each of your students in a personal way which gives it a deep meaning, understanding and solace.​

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