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Dear Ruchi , ” I will never be able to express to you how important you and your healing skills have been to me over the past two years. You have helped to keep me sane through some really difficult self-healing and some very hard times in my life. Thank you with all my heart. ” Now I know I will not only survive but be stronger, more aware and more at peace. Yoga will be a part of my life always. You had a unique way of teaching us, whether it was Asanas, pranayam, chair yoga, rope yoga etc. You made yoga interesting to me and i would look forward to attending your class every single day. It was such a pleasure to come to your class- your wonderful smiling face, your infectious enthusiasm and smile and your calm and soothing voice which encouraged us to explore new realms and possibilites. Thank you for your teaching, your knowlegde is vast and deep.You connect with each of your students in a personal way which gives it a deep meaning, understanding and solace.​

Aparna kamath

Dear Ruchiji,
I am delighted to give you the feedback regarding my experiences:
“Ruchiji is clearly one of the most inspiring and talented Yoga proponents I have met. She has a charming persona and the depth of her knowledge of the history, philosophy, culture and spirituality of yoga is profound. Having organized numerous sessions at Siemens Navi Mumbai with her since past 18 months, and having attended her workshops and lectures, I’d put her among the topmost yoga scholars in the world.
I enjoy her style, and the interplay between the cognitive and aesthetic elements of yoga. She has motivated the working professionals to incorporate simple Asanas in their hectic daily schedules. Ruchiji does a great job with innovative methods to offer the knowledge towards recognizing the ‘inner beautiful self’ and motivate each one to become better individuals and contribute to the society around us.”

Dr. (Major) Bishwadeep Paul

 I do things with reasons and have an eye for details… After putting in enormous hardwork for our students to excel and do far better, I wanted to infuse energy in them and make them realise what they can achieve. After lot of thinking I finally decided that this job could not be done by anyone other than Ms. Ruchi Gulati! ”

“ I cannot thank her enough for the change she brought in our students approach to studies and how they can organise their time to get the best output. I measured the output in terms of increased energy levels, improved focus and students showing higher level of determination. On all counts the results were outstanding!!! ”

A big thank you for the amazing work and hope to continue the same for the years to come!

A truely great motivator!

M S Azal Khan
Founder- Pro Learning Academy Changing Learning Experiences

“ Hi, I’m Manish, 48 years old and I never believed in yoga until one of my recommended it for my health. Then I joined Ruchi’s classes for yoga and I really saw the difference in my health in a few months. I had problems relating to sinus and I was very stiff which got improved after I joined yoga with her. It changed my view about yoga. And I’m lucky that I joined yoga with Ruchi. ”

Manish Shah

“ You are my guru and you inspired me to get out of comfort zone. ”


 Ruchi mam is not just a yoga instructor but a friend, philosopher & guide in my journey towards peace positivity & a balanced state of mind. 

Sonal Bapna

“ Thanks to my Yoga teacher who taught me that it is the inner beauty and positivity that reflects on your face. ”


“ It’s said, ‘Yoga is not about touching your toes. It’s about what you learn on the way down.’ Yoga helps me be aware and alive to each moment in life. ”

Jyoti Upadhyay
Art director | Whitespace communications