"Therapeutic Yoga"

Includes various asanas, pranayamas, conscious relaxation techniques and meditation to alleviate health ailments from anxiety to insomnia, asthma to thyroid.

Yoga for pregnant women

Helps prepare your body through various prenatal asanas, Pranayamas, conscious relaxation techniques to connect to the life within you. Includes asanas to keep you fit throughout your pregnancy and smooth labour.

Yoga for diabetes

Regular yoga practice can help reduce the level of sugar in the blood, along with lowering blood pressure, keeping a weight check, reducing the symptoms and slowing the rate of progression of diabetes as well as lessening the severity of further complications.

Yoga for cardiac patients

Cure heart disease by practicing simple pranayama regularly. Pranayama improves the function of heart and improves the blood circulation.

Yoga for thyroid, migraine, back & joint disorders

Various asanas, Pranayamas & relaxation techniques help in controlling thyroid ( hypo & hyper) , migraines & gives relief from back & joint pains.

Yoga for anxiety, stress & high B.P.

Regular practice of yoga which includes asanas, Pranayamas, conscious relaxation helps deal with anxiety pangs, reduces stress levels to a great extent & helps lower your BP thereby introducing you a healthier fitter you.

Yoga for respiratory problems

Some people breathe in the right way, few utilize only the upper portion of lungs and some people breathe via the diaphragm (lower portion), thus the upper part is left motionless and somewhat crumpled. Hence, it is very important to breathe well. You can correct your breathing difficulty by doing proper yoga via regular practice of Pranayam.